Fibre  and Copper Services

Fibre Installation Service

UniLink offers a comprehensive suite of services to build and maintain some of New Zealand’s most advanced networks.

Our products and services include fibre and copper access services; co-location services, allowing providers to place their equipment in our exchanges and cabinets; and, field services utilizing the skills of our service technicians.

We also work with customers to maintain legacy networks. The breadth and depth of our experience means we can provide both fixed and wireless expertise, as well as project development and investment capabilities.

Copper Fault and Residential fault Service

When there is a bad connection either for residential or commercial premises, UniLink can solve it.

Like phone socket corrosion, our team will be able to home down on this issue when they examine the troubles that your phone line is demonstrating. Mounting of the phone point has to be done exactly in line with specifications to avoid the problems posed by phone socket corrosion.

For faulty wiring inside your premises, a TDR helps in identifying the source of the problem, whether it is at the lead-in point, phone points or along the cable itself. While it checks for an open point in the circuit or a short, it can also spot a situation wherein a problem is bound to arise going forward.

Also there can be faulty ISP cabling out on the street, the situation could escalate into a breakdown of service with symptoms such as no ring tone, severe interference issues or the service getting cut off completely. 

Your bad connection can also caused by loose fly leads & ADSL Filters The filter connection might be loose leading to a drop in availability of your voice and data transmission. This will cause a disruption of the ADSL line when a call comes in. Basic checks can be made at the point of connection between the line and the router and between the router and the device. Other aspects of looking up your connections for similar issues include checking whether the modem is set for the right type of technology. All sockets will have to be inspected for complete and correct connections. Wiring inside the socket might have gotten a bit cramped and run into each other causing a problem such as shorts or high resistance.


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