The IG7600 is a stand-alone business communications server for the small and medium enterprises. It connects to 12 SIP Trunks (via broadband access) and along with the 4 incorporated PSTN lines makes sure to provide a smooth transition from the traditional to SIP telephony.

Mobility: no need to stay in the office and wait for the important call. The mobile App guarantees that all the business calls coming to your office landline can be easily answered by smartphone. And if you're busy at the time of the phone call, well, you can always use App to check your office voice mail

Cost saving: IG7600 is the initial investment. With mobile App, the office needs no desk-top phones or can only use a few of them. Besides, mobility ensures big save on international roaming - all the calls are conducted through the landline.

Easy installation: no professional installation required. It is easy to setup the system, add users, and configure settings.


    • 3-Way Conference
    • Auto-Attendant
    • Voice Mail
    • Answering Position
    • Call Hold
    • Call Forward (All, Busy, No Answer)
    • Call Transfer
    • Call Routing Table
    • Class of Service (COS)
    • CO Flash
    • Daylight Saving Time
    • Dynamic DNS
    • Emergency Call
    • IGW Group (Multiple-sites)
    • IP Trunk
    • Message Waiting Indication
    • Numbering Plan
    • Paging - All
    • Paging Group
    • PSTN Backup
    • Service Mode Switch
    • Toll Restriction
    • Trunk Line Access
    • UCD Group